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Contemporary Light- Inspired Artist

First Painting of my new series to be displayed 7/16/24 -12pm
                         on screen in
Times Square, NYC

Artist Biography

JOHN BOUDREAU is originally from Massachusetts. He studied fine art in New York City and currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as an artist and an art instructor at a mental health wellness center. Occasionally he is also a curator.  John lived for many years in the Arts District neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. He was an active part of the community participating in art festivals and events . His artwork has been included in several exhibitions that bring awareness to global issues and also for charity fundraisers. Some of his paintings were donated to several NGO's. In addition to exhibiting in galleries he now continues to create art on commissions.  John's favorite art medium is painting with acrylic  and some series consists of fumage or metal leaf. Sometimes he finds inspiration for his canvases through nature and his work has symbolic significance. Creating art for him is a  meditative and spiritual experience noting Leonardo Da Vinci's quote "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there could be no art." A New York City art critic calls John Boudreau's work as "the painting (that) could breathe." Also,  John is an international juried award winning  artist whose artwork is published.  With admiration for Los Angeles  John  hopes to continue to contribute to culture within the diverse vibrant society he lives in. Subsequently, he hopes his artwork inspires, brings joy and value to others, while visually transporting the viewer.

John is represented by INFLUX Gallery-Notting Hill, London

Artist Statement:

As a light-inspired artist living in Los Angeles, I create meditative paintings that explore the magical light and vibrant energy of Southern California. My viewpoint is poetic.

My color palette aims to evoke a range of moods-from tranquil dusk skies to dramatic, stormy seas. Through layered, textural brushwork, I capture a glimpse of fleeting moments. I want the paintings to glow from within, radiating light and life.

In my "Illumination" series, metal leaf adds a metaphysical dimension , acting as a conduit between physical and spiritual realms. Gold, silver, and copper symbolically contrast  earth and the heavens. Celestial themes and mythical archetypes intertwine with landscapes. 


Nature inspires my semi-abstract and abstract works. I  organically reassemble  pictorial elements like color and brushstrokes expressively, revealing hidden flows of energy. Through imagination and intuition, I unravel perceptions of time, space, and dimension.

My compositions convey contrasts-order and chaos, technology and natural forms,  contraction and expansion. I blend realism and surrealism, uniting matter with spirit. 

With reverence for the sublime, my artwork aims to transcend the mundane. I invite contemplation and transcendence, hoping that others discover their own personal interpretations. My aim is to share this city's magical light and unmask the cosmic mysteries that surround us each day. 

Here is what some art experts are saying:

Connie Kurtew - Curator, Photographer, Visual Artist, Co-owner of Kunsthaus RoZig 
states on You Tube about viewing the use of color in John's abstract painting (2021            exhibition Blue- Blau):"I feel peace, like seriously at peace. It just calms me.            Very, very beautiful".                                                                                                         2021 

Jos A. Smith-Artist on 1 of my paintings: "enjoy it as much as I have."                                                                                                                                                                                        2021
Denis Taylor-Art Critic and Visual Artist in Europe refers to John's paintings as depicting
a "passage of time" in Painters Tubes International Group Show No.12  exhibit's catalog.

Jackie Cutrone-President and Co-Founder of Halo Arts Project writes to John about          his participation in a group art exhibit fundraiser :"We value you as an artist, an art            community leader, an art advocate, as a person who bridges cultures. We are grateful
for your kind support and being a patron of the arts".                                              2022   

Confidential-"What an amazing clean artwork, I got all tingly and goose bumpy immediately I saw your artworks".                                                                                 2023

Head Curator at Influx Gallery-"thank you for your exceptional work and contribution. Your creativity and dedication greatly enriched the events, leaving a lasting impression on Influx and our creational team".



                    To reach John please email
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   Business Line:   213-400-8106

    Follow On:

Instagram  @johnboudreauartist

 Artist Signature

* I owe a debt of gratitude to my partner, family, friends, teachers, and all the art supporters.

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