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JOHN BOUDREAU is originally from Massachusetts. He studied fine art in New York City and currently lives in Los Angeles where he works as an artist and an art instructor at a mental health wellness center. He also teaches art to older adults who are residents at a bridge housing unit.  John lived for many years in the Arts District neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. He was an active part of the community participating in art festivals and events . His artwork has been included in several exhibitions that bring awareness to global issues and also for charity fundraisers. In addition to exhibiting in galleries he now continues to create art on commissions.  John's favorite art medium is painting with acrylic  and some series consists of fumage or metal leaf. He often finds inspiration for his canvases through nature and some of his work has symbolic significance.  A New York City art critic calls John Boudreau's work as "the painting (that) could breathe." Also, John is an international juried award winning  artist whose artwork is published.  John believes it is important to continually grow as an artist, and he hopes to continue to contribute to culture within a diverse society which he is privileged to live in.

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